Small Business Crisis Relief Loans Resources (CARES Act)

This program is officially called the CARES Act.  We've compiled a list resources (links to documents & a podcast episode) to help you find what you need and decide if this is right for you. 

There is a lot to learn about this stimulus package, so we wanted you to have this at your fingertips so you don't have to add even more stress trying to find it all. 

First, I'd also like to share with you a few podcast episodes from someone that I adore, Amy Porterfield.  She just released this Crisis Care Package consisting of 4 podcast episodes.  There is an episode here that speaks about the CARES Act and what it means for small business, how to know if you're eligible, and whether or not taking advantage of this bill is the right move for your business. Listen to this first.    (The other 3 podcasts are below)

Second, here are all the links to the documents you need for the application process.

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How to Easily Set Up a Checkout Link Using Your Square Account


Are you considering taking your class online, but you’re getting stuck on some to the tech?  I’m going to show you how you can collect payment online without having an e-commerce store by using your Square account.

Many of you already have a Square account set up because you offer your services or products at in-person venues.  Since you have the account, this will be an easy solution for you to set up your classes online.

This short video is a step-by-step tutorial on setting up a checkout link in square.  Once you’ve created a check out link, you’ll be able to use it to collect payments for your classes.

Once you have the link created, you’ll be able to add it to an email, to your Facebook post or event, to your event calendar, or add it to a blog post. 

 And, you can set up a link to pay for any type of service or product you offer, not just classes.

 Watch the video to learn how to set up your Square checkout link.

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Get Your Financials Organized

Do you have a system in place to organize your income documents and your expense documents? 

If not, now is the time to get it together. If you already have a system in place - WOOHOO to YOU! 

Imagine....going to one place and all of your documents for your business are there, in order, and ready for you to prep for your tax returns. 

Here's the easiest way to get started - do it this week to get yourself in that place of bliss for next January. 

  • Create a file folder for each month for all of your receipts.
  • Get a notebook to record the income you receive- daily.
  • Each time a receipt comes in - file it - immediately.
  • Each time you receive income, write it down.

This quick and easy process will not only keep you organized for next year, your quarterly taxes, and monthly review, but it will also keep you focused on what's happening in your business. Every. Single. Day. It's powerful!

Try it and notice how it makes you feel, because this will indicate to you where...

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Do you Need Business Insurance?

Having an insurance policy in place to protect you and your practice is a sound business decision and one that should be considered thoughtfully.  Even if you're just doing your thing as a "hobby",  having insurance is a smart decision.

Types of Insurance

There's quite a few business insurance resources available to you depending on what your needs are.  You may need insurance to do expos or fairs, have an office, offer services, and/or protect your personal assets.  If you're an aromatherapists, herbalist, or anyone else who prescribes medicinal advice, you'll need a specific type of policy.  And if you create and sell certain products, you may need specific insurance for the type of product you have.  Be sure to do your due diligence to find out what the most appropriate insurance is for your business.

You'll find quite of few resources for general liability insurance to energy and body workers. However, general...

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Can You Clearly Communicate What You Do?

Can you communicate clearly to others what you do and can you write it out in clear and concise language?

Not fluffy, esoteric language. Not.... I'm a life coach, hypnotherapist, reiki practitioner, psychic.

I'm talking specific, result orientated, this is what I do ___________ and it will help you ____________. 

This my friends, I believe is one of the biggest showstoppers to moving forward in our businesses to attract clients/customers and to make money doing what we're called to do.

We've got to get this part down. Knowing without a doubt, being crystal clear in what we do and how we show up, and being able to clearly communicate it, will allow us to create the energy within ourselves to attract those clients/customers. And this is more important than anything else. If we're not feeling/knowing/being it, we aren't going to attract our clients/customers. 

This is the foundation we need to be able to do anything else - websites, social media, events, networking,...

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