Can You Clearly Communicate What You Do?

clarity communication foundation Mar 06, 2020

Can you communicate clearly to others what you do and can you write it out in clear and concise language?

Not fluffy, esoteric language. Not.... I'm a life coach, hypnotherapist, reiki practitioner, psychic.

I'm talking specific, result orientated, this is what I do ___________ and it will help you ____________. 

This my friends, I believe is one of the biggest showstoppers to moving forward in our businesses to attract clients/customers and to make money doing what we're called to do.

We've got to get this part down. Knowing without a doubt, being crystal clear in what we do and how we show up, and being able to clearly communicate it, will allow us to create the energy within ourselves to attract those clients/customers. And this is more important than anything else. If we're not feeling/knowing/being it, we aren't going to attract our clients/customers. 

This is the foundation we need to be able to do anything else - websites, social media, events, networking, email marketing, etc. If you don't have this foundation in place, all other efforts are just wasting your time and money. 

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