Small Business Crisis Relief Loans Resources (CARES Act)

This program is officially called the CARES Act.  We've compiled a list resources (links to documents & a podcast episode) to help you find what you need and decide if this is right for you. 

There is a lot to learn about this stimulus package, so we wanted you to have this at your fingertips so you don't have to add even more stress trying to find it all. 

First, I'd also like to share with you a few podcast episodes from someone that I adore, Amy Porterfield.  She just released this Crisis Care Package consisting of 4 podcast episodes.  There is an episode here that speaks about the CARES Act and what it means for small business, how to know if you're eligible, and whether or not taking advantage of this bill is the right move for your business. Listen to this first.    (The other 3 podcasts are below)

Second, here are all the links to the documents you need for the application process.

I want to thank Sandra Hickman with the Healing Intention Community and Blue Bliss Botanicals for compiling all of the document links below.  She sent them to me and asked that I share with our community - YOU!

Fact sheet: 
Local banks:
Okay, so here's the other 3 podcasts that Amy Porterfield provided in her Crisis Care Package. 
I'll keep providing as many resources as possible to help you navigate and transition your business through this uncharted territory we're experiencing. 
If you haven't already, you can join our Facebook Group here and get yourself on our email list here so you don't miss the resources and support you need right now.  

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